5 things to look for when renting a furnished apartment

renting a furnished apartment
January 5, 2015

5 things to look for when renting a furnished apartment

So you’ve made the move from hotels to furnished apartment rentals – congratulations! You’re about to discover a world of accommodation that is more practical, unique, and usually, much more affordable – especially for long-term stays. But do be wary – not all furnished apartment providers are created equal. Here are some important guidelines to follow when choosing yours:


  1. Fully-furnished AND fully equipped: Make sure the place your booking has everything you’ll need for your stay. A bed, sofa and table are all well and good, but you’ll also need linens, an equipped kitchen, and possibly access to things like an ironing board, hairdryer and iphone dock. Check what’s included when companies say “fully furnished” and check what kind of added extras are offered.
  2. Location is a dealbreaker: Depending on the purpose of your trip, you may want to be close to the financial centre, the beach, or in a peaceful, family-friendly neighborhood. Make sure your apartment is close to amenities and, if you don’t have a car, public transport. Don’t be afraid to ask for a description of the neighborhood, and do a little research to make sure that ‘a stone’s throw from the boardwalk’ really means just that.
  3. Pay attention to the guest service: From initial enquiry to checkout, you’ll need to be dealing with a competent booking team. Can they advise you on the best apartment for you? Can they extend your parking if you need it? Do they follow-up promptly to any questions you send? Ideally, you’re looking for a team you can reach 24/7 (in case of any issues that arise during your stay). The professionalism of the guest services says a lot about how your entire experience will pan out.
  4. Is there an experienced concierge? A top class concierge can be the difference between a good stay and a great one. Check to see if there is someone who will be available to book things like a babysitter, masseuse, or chauffeur. Even better if they are knowledgeable about the area and can recommend off-the-beaten track hot spots and get you special deals at local gyms, spas and restaurants. A really good company will have an app that will connect you with the concierge any time you need it.
  5. Do they reward loyalty? Now that you’re about to go with a furnished rental, the hope is that you’ll love it and be back again and again. So look for a company that rewards returning customers. Any kind of points club that gets you discounts, upgrades, merchandise, and free nights is a winner.


And that’s a pretty good jumping-off point! If you can tick all of the above boxes you’re onto a good thing. Next step is to check out reviews, compare prices, and browse the property photos before you commit. Renting an apartment gives you so much more freedom than a hotel – devotees say it’s like being at home, but better!

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