Best Hot Chocolate Spots in Montreal

Montreal Hot Chocolate
October 13, 2015

Best Hot Chocolate Spots in Montreal

Hot chocolate-making is an art form in Montreal, and rightly so! The freezing winter months make everyone crave something warm, rich, and oh so smooth to take away the chill. The cocoa here comes from all over the world, so visitors and locals can wrap their mittens around a sweet brew from as far away as Africa, Europe, and South America.

As for quality – one thing is for sure: no matter which cafe, restaurant, or chocolate shop you visit from our list, hot cocoa doesn’t come in packets, and the phrase ‘just add water’ is pure sacrilege. Here are the best and most talked about hot chocolates in all of Montreal.


Variety is the Spice of Life

With 25 different varieties of hot chocolate, Juliette et Chocolat has to have the best selection of hot chocolate in Montreal. They also have 4 locations in the city, so you don’t have to schlep it all the way down to Saint-Laurent to enjoy their creations. They use chocolate from 8 different cacao producing nations and even offers alcohol-spiked creations for those who like their chocolate with a  kick.


Put it in Reverse

Sometimes things that are meant to be hot are just as good cold. Chinese food, chilled soups, and cereal are just a few, but hot chocolate can go in this category now too. The frozen hot chocolate at Cacao70 is sure to make you melt. It’s really just some of their to-die-for hot chocolate in a dark or milk chocolate variety with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate drizzle. The frozen hot chocolate is the smoothest of textures and is the honest-to-god epiphany of heaven. Luckily, the cafe is so cozy you won’t mind sipping a cold cup.


Lounge in the Chocolate Lounge

Suite 88 Chocolatier is a chocolate shop with a comfortable lounge where you can sit with some of their delicious European hot chocolate and watch the snow fall outside. Made with 55-88% cacao from France, Switzerland, and Belgium, this frothing cup of luxury is the perfect end to a rough work day or a great beverage to enjoy with a friend over one of the many decadent desserts available at the counter.


Try Something D Liche

Although D Liche is, well, a bakery, word on the street is that they also serve up a mean cup of hot chocolate. It’s made with steamed milk and grated chocolate and has a degree of thickness that isn’t too rich or thin, but just right. Their cupcakes go with it perfectly, and you can have them pack up a cup of cocoa to go with a package of a half dozen cupcakes for when you want to snuggle up with a book on a snow day.


A Swiss Twist

Montrealers in the know head to La Pendulerie Swiss Chocolate Shop on Crescent Street for an insanely good hot chocolate with options like cardamom, chili, mint,  and cinnamon for mixing in. The chocolate is Swiss, and therefore, incredibly smooth in comparison to other milk chocolate. The shop itself also offers freshly made gourmet chocolates and other delectable treats to have with your hot chocolate. Definitely one of Montreal’s best kept hot chocolate secrets.


A Quaint Coffee Shop

Au Festin De Babette is situated in a quiet corner of St. Denis Street, and has a nice and easygoing atmosphere. The coffee is tops, but those with a sweet tooth arrive for the hot chocolate, which has been one of the best in the city for quite some time. The chocolate is grated up and melted down with soy or cow’s milk, and isn’t diluted too much, so you can definitely tell you’re not getting something out of a tin. If you’re really feeling adventurous, try adding a flavor shot or a dash of salt.


There really isn’t a single thing in the world that’s better than liquid chocolate, and the cold weather makes it so easy to give in to temptation and have that giant mug of molten cacao. Whether they’re topped with whipped cream, drizzle, curls, or ice cream, there ain’t no party like a chocolate party!


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