Travelling to Montreal for Business? Best Coffee Shops to Work in

May 20, 2015

Travelling to Montreal for Business? Best Coffee Shops to Work in

Knowing the best coffee shops in a city is vital to any business trip. Not only will it provide the life-giving liquid that is coffee, but it can provide a comfortable atmosphere where work is sure to be accomplished. Montreal is a city well-known for its vibrant student and work life, making it well-equipped in terms of cafés. Navigate the vast array of coffees and beat the busy crowds with this handy list of the best coffee shops to work in, and don’t worry – all the cafés listed below have free WiFi!



Coffice was conceptualized as a hybrid between a coffee shop and an office. The décor is far from being a drab gray office though; Coffice is designed to be the perfect place to get any sort of work done, with a spacious, clean layout and quiet environment. They offer the typical coffee variations as well as a number of soups, salads, sandwiches, and pastries, but they also offer quick photocopying and printing services available in black and white or colour. Best of all are their late hours, something few Montreal coffee shops offer on the weekend in downtown.Coffee Office Montreal


Café Plume

Montreal is known for its hip and artistic urban lifestyle, and Café Plume pays homage to that. A cozy café, it regularly changes and displays different local artwork on their walls and serves up some unique coffee blends from the West Coast. An important note is their restriction of only allowing visitors to use laptops at the bar seating at the front of the café during weekends. This allows for the tables to be clutter-free, so if you just need a place to read and work on paper, this café has you in mind.Café Plume Montreal


De Farine et d’Eau Fraîche

If you always need a delicious pastry to keep you focused on work, this charming and romantic coffee shop takes the cake. Little cakes, various pastries, biscuits, and colourful candies adorn the display case and are served by friendly and warm employees. Open in the early morning on weekdays, this is the place you can sit down for hours at without wanting to move an inch.Montreal Coffee Shop


Café Névé

A quick walk away from a Metro station, Café Névé serves artisan coffee and is known for having a delicious chocolate chip cookie. This laid-back and relaxed ambiance is the best remedy for a stressful workload – you’ll feel right at home and motivated to work. Make sure to arrive early, as seating is limited due to the popularity of its coffee!Cafe Neve Montreal


Kafein Café

Tired of the typical coffee shop? Kafein Café changes it up featuring a hip, clean café on the top floor and a romantic lounge downstairs with a live DJ. While serving delicious tisanes and coffees, they also have a full bar serving all kinds of cocktails and even have happy hour. Don’t worry about the noise level – it isn’t designed to be a thumping and wild shop, but a place where you can have both business and fun.Kaftan coffee shop Montreal


Second Cup

Sure, it’s a chain coffee shop, but sometimes it’s what you need. No matter what time of day, you’re guaranteed to find a spot at Second Cup, and their various locations around Montreal make it a handy place to work in no matter where you find yourself. Their shops are well-equipped to handle laptops as they usually have quite a few outlets, and some are open 24 hours!Second Cup Coffee Shop


Whether you simply need your morning coffee or you’re looking for the perfect place to do your work, these coffee shops each offer something unique. These well-established cafés will definitely help you get into that work vibe so you will have time to enjoy the city to its fullest.

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