Our 5 Most Popular Furnished Apartments in Downtown Montreal

April 11, 2016

Our 5 Most Popular Furnished Apartments in Downtown Montreal

When people refer to the “downtown” of Montreal, they don’t seem to realize just what a fluid designation it is. Many visitors assume downtown Montreal is the stretch of Sainte Catherine street where you can find tons of stores and vendors, and while that is true, Montreal residents tend to have a wider view of what’s considered the downtown area of Montreal.

Parts of the Plateau, Griffintown, or the Latin Quarter can be recognized as downtown Montreal, even though they’re technically in separate boroughs. What justifies the classification is that these areas are all in the southern end of the city and have tons of restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues, much like a section of downtown should. Don’t get pigeonholed into one area of “downtown,” because the core of the city has so much to offer. To help you get acquainted with downtown Montreal and nearby neighborhoods, check out some of Corporate Stays most popular furnished apartments in the various areas below.


The Downtown Core: Feng Shui Suite

Immerse yourself right into the hustle and bustle of downtown Montreal by staying at the Feng Shui Suite, appropriately named not only for its incredibly inviting layout and décor but also for its prime location in the core of the downtown area. Steps away from the McGill metro station (and the university itself), staying at the Feng Shui Suite will ensure you have quick access to the entire public transit network, with a short ride on the Green Line taking you to anywhere else in the downtown area and beyond.

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Griffintown: The Flora Apartment

No other area in Montreal has grown and expanded quite as much as the Griffintown/St. Henri neighborhood, with an amazing amount of trendy bars, restaurants, and shops having popped up in the last few years. A new hub of cultural activity for Montrealers, anyone staying in the city can’t pass up the chance to experience this up and coming neighborhood, a feat made easy by staying at the Flora Apartment. Not only is the Flora Apartment incredibly well-lit (with a balcony to boot) but it’s also quite close to Notre Dame street, the main Griffintown throughway where you’ll find all the best spots the area has to offer.

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Plateau-Mont-Royal: Coloniale Apartment

When it comes to good food, nightlife, and events of every sort, Plateau-Mont-Royal (or just the Plateau) is one, if not the premiere neighborhood in all of Montreal. Located within the borough is “The Main” strip of St. Laurent which houses the most popular bars, clubs, and restaurants the city has to offer. At the Coloniale Apartment, you’re steps away from it all. St. Laurent is only two streets east of you and Sherbrooke metro station is nearby, allowing you to head to Mont-Royal station (where the street of its namesake holds many other magnificent venues) or head anywhere else in the city. If you’re visiting in the summer, this is the ideal apartment to experience the many of the sidewalk sales and festivals (like Mural Fest) that dominate the Plateau area, that isn’t to say the neighborhood isn’t bustling with activity at all other times of the year.

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The Latin Quarter: Urban Loft

St. Laurent is usually praised as the “it” street of Montreal’s downtown/Plateau area, though locals will know that there are many other urban roads that have just as much, if not more to offer in terms of fun and food. St. Denis street is the perfect example, specifically the downtown portion located in Montreal’s Latin Quarter, which is where you’d be if you stayed at the Urban Loft. A perfect reflection of the area in which its located, the Urban Loft is incredibly chic and modern, traits you’ll find throughout the Latin Quarter. This apartment is also ideal for those looking to explore the city, as Berri-UQAM metro station, where a majority of the metro lines intersect, is only a few streets south.01Corporate_Rental_Tremblant_Loft_Urbain_205

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Old Montreal: The Toscana Apartment

Cobblestone streets, horse carriages, rich architectural diversity; all can be found in the streets of Old Montreal, one of the city’s most renowned, and aesthetically pleasing, neighborhoods. There’s a reason tourists flock to the area, the many top-notch restaurants to be found in Old Montreal being one of many, and while you could stay at a standard hotel, your best bet is the Toscana Apartment. Being in Old Montreal demands some level of class, one you can’t reach in a shabby one room hotel room, though the Toscana Apartment, with its hardwood floors and 24/7 concierge service will ensure you meet the standards of the neighborhood.

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