International Students – Tips on Finding An Apartment in Montreal

Beautiful Montreal Apartment
June 4, 2015

International Students – Tips on Finding An Apartment in Montreal

Congratulations! You’re about to start (or continue) your studies in one of the most diverse, culturally interesting, trendy cities in the world!

We’re pretty sure Montreal is going to sweep you off your feet, but now that you’ve got that study permit, you’ll need to think about somewhere to live. Here’s our quick guide to your options:


University Campus accommodation

All of the universities in Montreal offer some kind of campus accommodation, whether it’s residences or  sororities/fraternities. Rooms are often reserved for students in their first year (and couples are not always allowed). Rent for a single room ranges from $950 per month for a small single room, to a large room with full bathroom for around $1250 per month, and if you don’t know anyone in the city, it can be a great way to meet people. Check your university website for details. Beware, these rooms are often leased for 8 month periods only.


Private student accommodation

If your university residences are full or you’re looking for something more modern, the newest private student residences in Montreal may appeal to you. The biggest player in this arena is EVO, swanky downtown residences that feature pools, fitness rooms, coffee bars, and tanning beds. Prices range from $350-$1300, depending on length of stay, room size, and building choice.  There are EVO apartments in downtown Montreal as well as the Old port area.

Phone #: 1-855-532-0213


House-sharing and unfurnished apartments

If you’re not shy and you’re looking for a bargain, you can scroll through hundreds of houseshare listings on Craigslist and Kijiji. Be sure to visit these in person, as photos can be very misleading on these sites, and don’t let the landlord charge you a deposit, as this is illegal in Quebec. Look out for places that are close to public transport, as this will be absolutely essential in winter if you don’t have a car, and ask whether bills like internet and “hydro” (electricity and hot water) are included in the price. You should be paying anywhere from around $350 for a room with a few others in the house, to $1200 for an unfurnished one-bedroom place downtown.




Furnished apartments

If you’re looking for a certain level of comfort and security (maybe you’re not an 18-year old undergrad anymore, or you have a little extra room in your budget for great accommodation) you should definitely look into furnished apartment rental companies like MyStudioMontreal or MontrealStays. Benefits include secure buildings (often with pools and gyms), in-suite laundry, linens, and fully-equipped kitchens, so you won’t have to worry about buying anything when you get there. Heating, electricity and internet/cable bills are often included in the prices, which start from around $1800 per month, a bargain if you consider the savings on bills, outfitting your new place, gym membership and laundry costs. These two companies offer apartments in various areas of downtown Montreal, so you’re bound to find one close to campus. Bonus: very often, house-keeping is included! So you can focus on your studies during midterms and finals without worrying about the place becoming dirty.



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