Life at ‘Le V’ – How we made renting a furnished apartment as easy as staying at a hotel!

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October 14, 2014

Life at ‘Le V’ – How we made renting a furnished apartment as easy as staying at a hotel!

One of the main reasons that people tend to book hotels is that they’re familiar with the concept, they know more or less what’s in store, and they like the convenience. Which is actually a real pity, because it turns out that renting a furnished apartment (with us, we can’t speak for everyone!) is just as convenient but offers a whole host of other benefits that surprise and delight everyone that stays with us!


Just like a hotel, we have a front desk in Montreal, open 7 days a week, with the option for 24/7 check in – unlike many hotels who restrict check-in times. As an added bonus, our exclusive concierge is just a click away on our mobile app, so whether you’re looking for a dinner delivery, airport transport, or a great massage therapist, we can connect you with the best the city has to offer.


Love the gym & pool aspect of high-end hotels? We’ve got that covered too. Le V, or, take advantage of our partnership with Mansfield gym, one of the most luxurious fitness centres in Montreal.


As for space and decor, we think we beat those boring, generic hotel rooms hands down. Each apartment is uniquely decorated – modern, stylish, and incredibly comfortable – and even has our own line of sleek ‘rustic industrial’ furniture.


And finally, what’s a beautiful view if you can’t step out and enjoy it? Many of our apartments, unlike hotels, have private balconies with amazing views of the Montreal skyline – perfect for sipping a glass of good wine after a long day. And when you step outside, you’re in Place des Spectacles, the heart of the downtown core, packed with great restaurants, bars and entertainment venues.

The biggest bonus of all? Our spacious apartments, with free WiFi, fully-equipped kitchens, and luxury bedding, work out to be cheaper than most of the high-end hotels in the city. especially for long-term stays. And that’s hard to argue with!

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