New to Montreal? Great Resources You May Need

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February 22, 2016

New to Montreal? Great Resources You May Need

We know it’s not always easy to arrive in a new city – whether it’s on an extended business trip, a long vacation, or a more permanent relocation – and have to figure everything out on your own (that’s one of the main reasons we have a first-class concierge service). And with all the emotional upheaval, it can be hard to get on top of the practical stuff.


So we’ve put together a few essential resources that will make your transition smoother, help you settle in, and give you inspiration when it comes to working or starting a business. Take a look at these and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a seasoned Montrealer in no time, trust us!


Accommodation in Montreal

Obviously, we think our furnished apartments are a pretty perfect place to stay while in Montreal, but if you’re planning on searching for a long-term or permanent rental while in the city, guides like this one can give you an idea of which neighbourhood will be right for you, while many of Montreal’s apartments and small homes are rented on sites like craigslist and kijiji. If you’re not on a budget and are looking for something more upscale, or for a large family home, you can take a look at sites like Rental Montreal and


Language in Montreal

Depending on what neighbourhood you settle in, French is about to be a big part of your life, and if you’re planning to work here, you will probably find it a necessity. If your language skills aren’t quite up to speed, you can take advantage of the subsidised courses offered by Immigration Quebec – intensive sessions that last for 11 weeks and will dramatically improve your level. If you’d rather an a-la-carte experience, or like the idea of excursions and social groups mixed in with your grammar classes, you can take a look at the myriad private language schools around the city, including GEOS Montreal and CLC Montreal.


Employment in Montreal

If you’re hoping to work or start a business in Montreal and you’re under 35, a great place to start is YES (Youth Employment Services) which have job listings, workshops on entrepreneurism, and a mentoring program. If you’re older, check out this government site, which is packed with info on starting a business in the city. For job listings, and are full of possibilities, or you can check the Montreal Gazette, which updates its job listings daily.


And when you’ve completed these three steps, all you need to think about is heading out for a celebratory drink! Look up expat groups in your neighborhood (there’s a lively Irish club in Montreal, for example), conversation groups, or take a class (Montreal has everything from ceramics to snowshoeing) to meet like-minded locals – soon, you’ll feel like you’ve been here all your life!


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