Planning a trip to Montreal? Here’s why you should be in The CLUB

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February 1, 2016

Planning a trip to Montreal? Here’s why you should be in The CLUB

We love new guests – and introducing new people to our luxury furnished apartments in Montreal is what drives us – but there is something extra special about a returning customer, and so we decided to create a program that would reward that loyalty. We call it simply, The CLUB.


All guests automatically become members of the CLUB on their first stay, and after that, it just gets better and better. CLUB members get free upgrades and free late check outs when available, merchandise, and gift certificates, but the best part comes when you start to accumulate points.


CLUB points are when you’ll really see the benefits of staying with us on a regular basis (well, aside from the excellent service and gorgeous apartments!). Save up your points and you can use them to book free nights in our properties at any of our worldwide locations. Which means that you may have to go to Ottawa four times this year for business, but you could end up in Costa Rica for pleasure, on us! Alternately, you can use your points towards upgrades, concierge services, or goodies from our boutique. Need extra parking days? Ask about using your CLUB points. Shuttle to the airport? Your points could cover that.


We just want to make sure you know we’re glad you chose (and we want to see you again very soon!) Welcome to the CLUB!


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