Top 5 Reasons Renting our Furnished Apartments Will Save You Money

Fully furnished and equipped apartment
January 18, 2016

Top 5 Reasons Renting our Furnished Apartments Will Save You Money

Our guests love the luxurious furnished apartments at Les Etoiles (located in the top 10 stories of the Embassy Suites Hotel by Hilton) because of the sumptuous decor – did you know we have electric fireplaces for cozy nights – designer furniture, and excellent service, but one of the main things that keeps them coming back time and again is that a furnished apartment can save you big bucks compared to a hotel. Here’s how:


Save on tax: Planning on an extended stay in Montreal? Whether you’re relocating, here for a work project, or just on a long break – one of the great things about staying more than a few weeks in our apartments is that you’ll save on the tourism tax that hotels have to charge. And in a province known for it’s high taxes, that’s a real steal.


Your own kitchen: Sure, it’s great to eat out every so often, especially in a gourmet city like Montreal, but no one wants to eat out for three meals a day every day. Having a fully-equipped kitchen saves you hundreds of dollars a month on restaurant charges. We’ve taken care of everything, from cooking utensils to dishwasher, microwave and top-of-the-range oven. You’ll find it’s a pleasure to fix a meal in our modern apartment kitchens.


Cheap parking: There’s nothing worse than arriving at a hotel and then finding out that the parking costs almost as much as your room! Our parking rates are over 30% less than hotels, and your car will be safe and sound right under the building you’re staying in.


Free internet: Most hotels charge ridiculous rates for in-room internet, and when you get it, it’s spotty at best. You are guaranteed free, high speed WiFi in every one of our apartments, so not only do you save on internet charges, but you can call home on skype and forget about cell phone data charges. Win!


Perfect partnerships: We love working with local businesses – and they love offering our guests discounts and deals – take advantage! You can try three days at high-end Mansfield Club Athletique downtown for free, get a discount on beautiful spa visits, and save money on food delivery. We’ve also got yoga teachers, massage therapists, dog walkers and babysitters on our books – whatever you need, just ask!

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